Key Features:
*NIKASIL Lined Cylinder.
*Custom made, one piece, steel
 cantilever crankshafts with 3/8-24nf
 thread, High equality ball & needle
 bearings throughout
*Electronic spark advance
*Detachable engine mount
*Walbro pump type carburetor
*Case drilled and tapped for smoke

*The new 2.4 ci / 40 cc features an Automatic Timing Advance Module which
 eliminates the need of 20 moving parts and greatly improves the reliability
 and longevity of the engine.
*The cylinder/piston assembly is Nikasil lined by Dolmar, USA. The engine
 also features solid cantilever crankshaft with a single bolt prop hub,
 (3/8 X 24nf thread), Walbro carb, and the case is drilled and tapped for smoke.
*This engine is extremely powerful and reliable. It is best suited for models in
 the 12 to 18 lb range depending on wing loading. The ignition is included;
 however the mufflers are sold separately. Please refer to our muffler options
 on the right.

Brison 2.4 / 40 cc gas engine:
Height:   5.37"     Weight:   2.75 lbs
Length:   5"      Width:   4.62"
Thrust:  21 lbs
Prop Sizes: 18X10, 18X12, 20X8, 20X10
Warranty: 2 year limited
Engine Details: View Engine Dimensions