Howard Aircraft Corporation was a small USA aircraft manufacturer in the 30's and 40's. The factory was initially on the south side of Chicago Midway airport; during World War II a second plant was opened at Dupage County airport west of Chicago, high-wing light monoplanes built by the Howard Aircraft Corporation, Chicago, Illinois., and were built and sold in parallel to each other. Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junio was purportedly the fastest four-seat civil aircraft of the late 1930s,These aircraft were a direct developments of the famous Howard racing plane Mister Mulligan. Designer/pilot Ben Howard's "DGA" prefix stood for "Damn Good Airplane"; it was not hyperbole.
The Super Kraft Howard DGA-12 is a vintage 1/4 scale model, the fuselage and flying surfaces are hand-made from select balsa, high quality light ply, the professionally finished fiberglass cowl, wheel pants and gear fairings are the best we’ve ever produced. With an average wing loading of 21.5-oz/sq. ft. the Howard DGA-12 is an extremely gentle flyer. The working flaps provide a short takeoff roll, and a slow, rock-stable final approach. To complete the package we have include an exceptionally sturdy pre-painted aluminum main gear, custom-made active wing struts, functional tail wires, a complete hardware kit, and a detailed instruction booklet. Attractively priced, this beauty is a real head turner!

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USA $449.97
Wing Span: 95"(2400 mm) Control Horns: Included (Tower Control Horns)
Wing Area: 1398 sq. in (90 Canopy: APC(Included)


12 lbs (4972g) Wheels: Included
Length: 69"(1750 mm) Wheel Pants: Fiberglass (painted)
Fly Weight : 16-17 lbs (7300-8000 g) Fuel Tank: Included
Engines: 1.0 - 1.6 glow 0r 1.6-2.4ci(26-40cc) gas Landing Gear: Aluminum
Covering: Oracover(Ultracote) Push Rod: Included
Radio: 4 Ch 8 Servos Hardware: Included
Cowl: Fiberglass (painted) Decals: Included
Motor Mount: N/A Servo Plate: Included