Now Super Kraft has released the 82 inch Extra 330L. Our goal was to fulfill a market need for a large scale acrobatic aircraft for the 50cc class gas engine that have become popular in the market today.
Designed by Marty Meyer, and featuring strong, lightweight construction, the Extra 330L has superior controllability and aerobatic flight characteristics. This 90% built 26% scale ARF includes plug-in wings and plug in stabilizers on aluminum tubes for easy transport and field assembly.
We spared no effort to insure that only the highest quality of materials and workmanship went into the production of this kit. This model was designed for the serious sports flyer. Like all Super Kraft kits the 330L has been fully tested and flown for at least two years. Three prototypes were assembled and corrected for strength, fly-ability and manufacturing precision. The plane is constructed of light plywood, balsa and hardwood spars. There is no foam in this model. It is built with top grade materials and laser cut from precise CAD plans. The selection of hardware, final manufacturing specifications, color scheme, and all design specification were supervised by Marty Meyer.

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USA $499.97
Wing Span 82"(2086mm) Control Horns Included (Tower Control Horns)
Wing Area 1258 sq. in (82 Canopy APC (Included)


11 lbs (4972g) Wheels Included
Length 72"(1828mm) Wheel Pants Fiberglass (painted)
Flight Weight 14-16 lbs (6328-7264g) Fuel Tank Included
Motor 50cc Gas Engine Landing Gear Aluminum
Covering Oracover (Ultracote) Push Rod Included
Radio 4 Ch 6 Servos Hardware Included
Cowl Fiberglass (painted) Decals Included
Motor Mount N/A Servo Plate Included