The Super Kraft Fun/50 ARF features a bright Ultracote trim scheme over a super lightweight all balsa structure, and has huge control surfaces, and a giant fully symmetrical wing that can perform astonishing aerial maneuvers. A true out-of-the-box 3D aerobatic plane, the Fun/50 can hover at ¾ throttle on most .46 two strokes on the market. The key is the light wing loading, as the all-up weight is lighter than most .40 size trainers! The package includes a pre-finished fiberglass cowl, a complete hardware set, sturdy main gear, and detailed instruction booklet.

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USA $229.77
Wing Span 61" Control Horns Included
Length 56" Canopy APC Clear

Wing Area

735 sq. in. Wheel Pants n/a
Weight 5-6 lbs Wheels Rubber
Engine 40-52 2 cycle
60-70 4 cycle
Push Rod Wood and Wire
Covering Oracover (Ultracote) Hardware Included
Radio 4 channels, 5 servos Decals Included
Cowl One Piece Pre-Colored Fiberglass Servo Plate Included
Motor Mount Nylon Fuel Tank 220cc
Landing Gear Wire