Curtis Pitts conceived the model 12 in the early 1990”s, the Pitts 12 model family continues to grow ever year, the Super Kraft 27% Pitts Python standoff scale version of his plane will do the same at your field, Beautiful on the ground and breathtaking in the air, this balsa and ply airframe come expertly covered in Curtis scale trim scheme. The fiberglass cowl, wheel pants, struts, wires and sturdy aluminum landing gear come pre-painted in matching colors. The two-piece fully symmetrical, aluminum spar, 73-inch top wing and 70-inch bottom wing deliver 1794 square inches of lift, while four ailerons add to the incredible roll rate. The 69-inch long fuselage and oversize tail feathers produce control other models can only dream of. With a weight range of 18-20 pounds and an average wing loading of only 20 ounces per square foot it will perform on engines from 3.2ci (50cc)to 4.5ci (75cc) gas, Fly the Super Kraft Pitts Python and put on a little show of your own.

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USA $599.97
Wing Span: 73"(1854 mm) Top Wing Control Horns: Included
  70"(1778 mm) Bottom Canopy: APC(Included)

Wing Area:

900 sq. in (58 dm) Top Wing Wheels: Included
  890 sq. in (57 dm) Botton Wheel Pants: Fiberglass
Weight: 14 lbs (6356 g) Fuel Tank: Included
Length: 69"(1753 mm) Landing Gear: Aluminum
Fly Weight : 18-20 lbs (8172 - 9080 g) Push Rod: Included
Motor: 3.2 - 4.4 ci (50 - 75 cc) gas Hardware: Included
Covering: Oracover(Ultracote) Decals: Included
Radio: 4 Ch 6 Servos Servo Plate: Included
Cowl: Fiberglass   Motor Mount: N/A